We look forward to cooking for you!


*G gluten-free, V vegetarian, VV vegan, R raw


Classic Bento (R)

Selection of our favorite Japanese lunchbox items, includes: fried chicken, potato salad, rice, Japanese pickle, bok choi, pork & shrimp dumpling, boiled egg, carrot & cabbage salad $12

Vegetarian Bento (V, R)

Vegetarian selection of our favorite Japanese lunchbox items, includes: kimchi croquettes, bok choi, Japanese pickle, rice, grilled mushrooms, potato salad, boiled egg, cabbage & carrot salad $10

Vegan Gluten-Free Bento G, (VV)

Vegan and gluten-free selection of our favorite Japanese lunchbox items, includes: bok choi, grilled mushrooms, rice, fried tofu, seaweed salad, Japanese pickle, cabbage & carrot salad $10

Shoyu Chicken

Classic tender soy sauce chicken, potato salad, gai lan salad, rice, japanese pickle, biwa salad $13

Tonkatsu Pork

Fried pork cutlet with katsu sauce, potato salad, gai lan salad, rice, japanese pickle, biwa salad $13


Karaage (G)

Our famous Japanese-style boneless fried chicken, with hot mustard, lemons, not to be missed! $9


Potsticker-style pork dumplings served with traditional dipping sauce $9

Poke Bowl (G, R)

Fresh Hawaiian-style raw hamachi with seasoned rice, wakame seaweed, radish, cucumber, lettuce $14

Onigiri (G, VV)

Homey rice ball, with nuts & seeds, seaweed sprinkles, miso glaze $3


Udon (VV)

Thick chewy wheat noodles in hot dashi broth, fried tofu, green onion, vegetable fritter $12

Ramen (R)

Trendy thin Chinese-style noodles in pork, chicken & dashi soup, with pork belly chasyu, boiled egg, bean sprout, spinach, green onions, chili oil $13

Biwa Hamburger (R)

World-famous hamburger with kimchi mayonnaise, crispy pork belly, lettuce, pickle, onion $11

Wonton Soup

Our golden chicken broth with pork & shrimp dumplings, bok choi, green onions $13


Gai Lan Salad

Chinese broccoli in creamy sunflower dressing $8

Biwa Salad (G, VV)

Thin-sliced crisp vegetables in ginger shio koji dressing $6

Korokke (V, R)

Irresistible kabocha squash croquettes, with charred scallion ranch $10

Kimchi Karaage (VV, R)

“Chicken-fried kimchi,” with kimchi mayonnaise, a staff favorite $8

Agedashi Tofu (G, VV)

Classic fried tofu in warm broth, with grated radish, green onion $8

Potato Salad (G, V, R)

Real Japanese-style potato salad $4

Kinpira (G, VV)

Burdock & carrot favorite salad $5

Tsukemono (G, VV)

Our selection of Japanese-style pickles $4

Miso Soup (G)

Seasonal vegetable miso soup $4

Kimchi (G, VV)

Our home fermented classic spicy Korean cabbage pickle $4


The Biwa Chocolate Pudding (V)

Simply the best chocolate pudding $7

Salted Almond Cookie (V)

Chewy and sweet $3

Matcha Olive Oil Cake (V)

Voelz farm artisan olive oil $7

G gluten-free, V vegetarian, VV vegan, all available upon request.

R consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish, or egg may increase risk of foodborne illness.

A 5% health & wellness charge on all checks provides health insurance for our staff.